Common Name
Infraspecific Taxon
varietas Hainan Tall

Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) is a diploid (2n=32) monocotyledonous plant of the Arecaceae family and is the only species of genus Cocos. It has been traditionally classified into Tall and Dwarf types. In addition to its slow growth, the Dwarf type is autogamous while the Tall one is allogamous because of a lag between the male and female flowering. Coconut is pan-tropical and was domesticated both in the Indian Ocean (Indo-Atlantic group originating from South Asia) and in the Western margin of the Pacific Ocean (Pacific group originating from South-East Asia to Papua-New Guinea). Its huge seeds are naturally adapted to dissemination by oceanic currents but were also extensively transported by humans (Madagascar, Atlantic Ocean, Panama etc.).

Organism Image
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