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Nucleic acid sequence data have been deposited to biological sciences repositories such as those which are part of the International Nucleotide Sequence Collaboration (INSDC). For instance, see accessions and identifiers in data availability sections of Palm Genome Hub (Xiao 2017, Yang 2021), see also Download page.

*** Supporting data for The genome draft of Coconut (Cocos nucifera):

*** Supporting data for Coconut genome assembly enables evolutionary analysis of palms and highlights signaling pathways involved in salt tolerance:


When using the hub, you must acknowledge the source and include the following reference:

Yang Y, Bocs S, Fan H, Armero A, Baudouin L, Xu P, Xu J, This D, Hamelin C, Iqbal A, Qadri R, Zhou L, Li J, Wu Y, Ma Z, Issali AE, Rivallan R, Liu N, Xia W, Peng M, Xiao Y. Coconut genome assembly enables evolutionary analysis of palms and highlights signaling pathways involved in salt tolerance.. Communications biology. 2021 Jan 22; 4(1):105.