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I.    Introduction
The release of data arising from CRI CATAS-CNRA-CIRAD collaboration (hereinafter referred to as the Partners) results from publication of the work by Alix Armero, Luc Baudouin, Stéphanie Bocs, Haikuo Fan, Anping Guo, Chantal Hamelin, Amjad Iqbal, Auguste Emmanuel Issali, Jing Li, Qiong Li, Na Liu, Zilong Ma, Ming Peng, Rashad Qadri, Ronan Rivallan, Dominique This, Yi Wu, Wei Xia, Yong Xiao, Junyang Xu, Pengwei Xu, Yaodong Yang, Lixia Zhou on Cocos nucifera carried out from 2015 to 2021. 
The aim of releasing these data on-line is to promote data dissemination projects and scientific collaboration with third-party scientists.
However, in order to ensure optimum use of the researchers’ work and of the genetic resources studied, CIRAD, on behalf of all the partners involved, is taking steps to oversee the release of the said data.

II.    Scope 
The aim of these Conditions of Use is to set out the general rules to which the Partners intend to subject any communication of the Data from the Database to the scientific community.

III.    Purpose of Access to the Data
Access to the Data must be exclusively for the purpose of academic research. For any other purpose, and in the hypothesis of industrial or commercial use of Data arising (entirely or in part) from the Database, the User must send a request to the Database Administrator, identified below.

IV.    Provision of the Data
The datasets placed on-line are protected and the Partners retain exclusive ownership of the Data. As the developer of the Database, CIRAD retains control of its dissemination. Consequently, access to the Database requires authentication of the User on the Portal.
Data transmission to another system must respect the provisions of these Conditions of Use.
The User shall ensure that the transfer of Data from one database system to another, from one data warehouse to another, from one country to another, does not entail any modification of the holder of rights over the Database or Data, or any change of DOI. 
The User shall ensure that the Data are not adulterated, altered, or transformed.

V.    Monitoring of Use – Dissemination of Results arising from Data Use
The Partners wish to assess the type and level of use made of the Data they distribute. To that end, the User must send a copy of all publications produced using the supplied Data.
In addition, the User must cite the origin of the Data used. This means both the CIRAD Database and the geographical origin of the material from which the Data are derived. The User hereby agrees to come back to the supplier of the original genetic resource (CRI CATAS and CNRA) if any national legislation requires it, or when specific advantages can be shared with the latter.
Where a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) exists for a Dataset, it must be mentioned, and the User hereby agrees to use it in its citations.

VI.    Responsibility
As the Data were gathered experimentally, CIRAD gives no guarantee as to their absolute exactness, use, value, suitability for the project or their compliance for any goal.
The User acknowledges that it uses the Database at its own risk, that it carries out checks under its own responsibility, and that it is solely responsible for determining the expediency of using the Database. It therefore assumes all the risks associated with exercising the rights transferred to it under this contract, including without limitation the risks and costs of program errors, compliance with applicable laws, damage and loss of data, programs, equipment and unavailability of operations. 
CIRAD shall in no way be held responsible to anyone for any direct, indirect, incident, special or consecutive damage, including, without limitation, disruption to work, to downloads, viruses, computer defects or malfunctioning, loss of clientele or profits, in whatever way the damage was caused by use of the Database and of the Data it contains, or by the exercise of one of the rights transferred by this licence, even if the possibility of such damage has been specified.

VII.    Applicable law and relevant jurisdiction
These Conditions of Use are governed by French law.
Any breach of the obligations defined by these Conditions of Use shall be referred to the relevant French courts. 

VIII.    Contact
To request access for commercial use and/or any further information, contact the Database Administrator at the following address:

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